CBD Used to Treat Addiction

CBD Used to Treat Addiction

For decades law makers have claimed that cannabis or marijuana was a gateway drug and it would lead users to try harder and more addictive drugs.  Today that premise has been proven to be false and today medical researchers are using cannabis or more importantly CBD to help patients recover from addiction.  Opiates, cocaine and methamphetamine has destroyed peoples’ lives for decades now and rehab has been ineffective in many cases.  Today CBD is being used to treat addiction and manage the symptoms of withdrawal with little or no side effects.

Scientific Testing

The opioid epidemic has proven to be a huge problem and overdose has become a leading cause of death among young people.  The Scripp’s Research Institute in California has been doing extensive testing on how CBD can be used to treat addiction.  They have done some initial testing on rats, over a three month period they have addicted rats to cocaine.  Rats have been able to take cocaine at will until addiction takes hold, then they were given infusions of CBD and the rats didn’t use as much cocaine as previously.  There have been studies done in Europe that show similar effects only with alcohol rather than cocaine.

Moving Away from Opioids

The opioid crisis has destroyed millions of lives and patients who are suffering from chronic pain want something that is less addictive especially those that need pain relief long term.  It has shown a lot of potential for those suffering from neuropathic pain that is associated with nerve damage and spinal problems.

Legal Issues

While the use of CBD and cannabidiols merits further research into its uses and effectiveness in treating a variety of medical conditions, research is still plagued by legal issues. Because of the association with cannabis and the fact that while more and more states are legalizing cannabis for medical use it is still illegal at the federal level.  The FDA and the DEA have put a stranglehold on research and the potential of CBD, despite the growing evidence of its effectiveness and the lack of side effects shown in other medications.

Proponents of CBD swears by its effectiveness in treating everything from skin conditions to cancer, however very little of that has been proven to FDA standards.  That doesn’t mean that is won’t be effective in treating your condition and that you shouldn’t give it a try.  There are very little side effect and those that do use CBD swear by it.

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