CBD Oil to Treat Chronic Pain

CBD Oil to Treat Chronic Pain

Patients who suffer from chronic pain are embracing the effects that CBD oil has on their conditions.  CBD oil to treat chronic pain is a fairly new concept but it has helped reduce pain, chronic inflammation and discomfort from a variety of conditions.  CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in hemp and cannabis plants, that being said it doesn’t give you the high that cannabis does.

There have been a number of studies that look into CBD as relief for pain and it is promising as a viable alternative to highly addictive opioids.  However CBD products don’t have approval from the FDA to treat pain or any other condition.  That will require further study and regulations that test for purity and dosage information.

CBD and Chronic Pain Relief

How does CBD help with chronic pain?  Research has indicated that CBD can interact with your pain receptors and your immune system.  Attached to your cells are tiny proteins called receptors, they receive chemical signals that your cells respond to.  This stimulation is what helps manage pain and can help people who have to deal with chronic pain on a day to day basis.

Another thing to note is that not only was CBD effective in managing pain it came with little or no side effects, unlike many of the pain killing drugs on the market today.  It also helped patients who developed insomnia as a result of the pain they were in.  The studies also showed that CBD was highly effective in helping patients who suffered from MS.  Here is a look at how it helped MS patients.

Side Effects of CBD

There are few if any side effects however some people do experience like nausea, sleeping issues and irritability.  The side effects are very rare and if you put it up against addictive substances like opioids the risks are much lower.

Further Research into CBD for Chronic Pain

At this point there isn’t enough evidence to support CBD as a viable treatment of chronic pain, but most experts do agree that further research is needed.  CBD so far shows great promise in treating pain without all of the side effects that current treatments offer.  You can buy CBD online and in storefronts where CBD is legal.  CBD can come from either hemp or cannabis plants but the extract from cannabis plants has shown to be more effective and with cannabis still illegal at the federal level and in many states it has hampered research into a potentially incredible drug.