CBD or THC – What Is The Difference?

You may be new to the medical marijuana scene. You may have a chronic illness or condition that has made you aware of the benefits of cannabis and you may wish to try it but do not know where to start. For many new patients, the biggest question is what is CBD and what is THC? This article explains the differences and will help you make a better choice about what products to start with to help ease your pain or improve your health.

CBD and THC Explained

Marijuana plants or cannabis contain many compounds. Two of the biggest, most important and beneficial compounds are CBD or cannabidiol and THC or tetrahydrocannabidiol. At their most basic, the CBD works to induce a state of calmness and well-being. It is also credited with helping to relieve pain. The THC is what produces a psychoactive effect or what most people would refer to as a high.

The THC produces a different state of mind, perspective and for many people enhances their mood and creativity. Most medical marijuana products such as capsules, tinctures, edibles, and buds have varying degrees and amounts of both CBD and THC. There are health benefits to both of these compounds.

For some people, they either find the THC is hard to tolerate or they do not wish to have the psychoactive effects of marijuana when they need to work or be alert to do other things. This is where CBD-rich products are ideal. They will produce certain medical benefits but will not cause impaired judgment.

How THC and CBD Work on the Brain and Body

There is a lot of science behind the manner in which the THC makes a person feel the high that has made marijuana such a substance of debate. It acts on receptors in the brain known as CB1. These are receptors that regulate body movement, perception, time-perception, and memory. The THC enhances their abilities to do these things and the result is a high or a stimulated appetite, distorted perception of time and the senses.

Physically THC will act as an anti-inflammatory so it is excellent in aiding pain relief. It can weaken the immune system, though, but with the aid of the CBD compound, the medical products have the ability to balance themselves out. It is being studied for its potential to help prevent certain cancers. Many doctors prescribe it to cancer patients because it does help reduce the side effects from radiation or chemotherapy.

It can help promote sleep and it can help a person disassociate from painful or traumatic memories. This makes it good for treating PTSD. Some people are sensitive to THC and find the substance causes anxiety. For this, the CBD compound is the answer.

CBD acts on the brain also. Technically it is psychoactive. It just does not produce the same effects as the THC. It has anti-seizure as well as anti-anxiety effects. CBD oil is effective at enhancing one’s mood.

Both THC and CBD are the main components of medical marijuana. They both work together or separately to promote better health and well-being.

What Is CBD Oil? A Quick Guide

cbd compound

If you are a little late to the party, and you’re only hearing about the wonders involved with CBD oil just now, you have some catching up to do. All the stigmas you have about the cannabis plant and the bad things it will do to you has gone through a dramatic change. Instead, it’s a plant that now carries a reputation for bringing effective and natural relief to some of the major health problems known to man.

But you want a little more detail than that, don’t you? You want some clarity on whether CBD oil will put on a psychedelic high or make you feel strange in some way. Luckily, this article is going to provide you with some clarity on the topic. More specifically, it will try to answer what CBD oil is.

Where CBD Oil Comes From

CBD oil gets extracted from the hemp plant, the same plant that is used for so many things. From shampoo, toothpaste, and soap, to clothes, paper, and even a house if you really want to.

It is also important to note that the hemp plant contains almost no THC. Why is this important? Because THC and CBD are essentially cannabinoids. And the THC cannabinoid is the one responsible for that high feeling. CBD, on the other hand, controls the THC and doesn’t make you high at all.

The Extraction Process

There are different ways CBD oil gets extracted from the plant, and some are better than others. You see, the method used for the extraction and the quality of the plant, all influence the ultimate quality of the oil.

So, it is recommended to get familiar with what quality CBD oil looks like, and to question the extraction process from the company you are buying from.

Is CBD Oil Really For Medicinal Use?

Several studies show that CBD oil can and will help to treat an extensive range of problems. And if doctors are prescribing it, it should help you to feel a little safer about trying it yourself.

In terms of what you can use CBD oil for, the list is almost endless. For example, you can use it in topical creams as a treatment for your skin. But you can also use it internally, which is when you are targeting issues like cancer, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and a lot more.

But isn’t the THC cannabinoid supposed to be the medicinal one? The truth is that both have medicinal properties, and they can still be effective when used separately. However, when used in combination, THC and CBD can be the strongest natural medicine you’ll ever use.

Methods For Using CBD Oil

Ultimately, how you want to use your CBD oil is up to you. For instance, you can take with a vaporizer or you can eat it with your food. Alternatively, you can just drop it into your mouth.

Only Buy Quality

Make sure you only buy CBD oil from reputable sources. Given that the quality of the oil is very important if you want to see the best results, vet the company through which you’ll be ordering.